Pep Guardiola has been trending for hilarious reasons recently, first he used this twitter bant name (Fraudiola) when speaking to reporters at a press conference, then he went on to jokingly congratulate Liverpool on winning this seasons league which has barely five games. And of course we cant forget the epic one, losing somehow to underdogs Norwich City. Recall that Norwich won only one match before meeting the defending champions..

lets get down to the amebo of the day, this said Mancity Fan is demanding that Pep Guardiola be sacked after norwich’s defeat. Like seriously? Man city have not lost in the competition since January, Man city freaking won back to back EPL league titles under the managment of Guardiola but however the defending champions somehow lost at Carrow road some might say its the Pukki Magic.

Dont get me wrong, isn’t it too early to be dramatic and silly if you ask me. reported that a phone call to BBC radios live was made by a particular city fan who has gone viral for thinking that Guardiola should be sacked. The fan said “He is only regressing, he came here to win the UCL and ever since we lost to spurs he has been regressing, We are five games in and five points behind Liverpool already, Pep came in here to make a dynasty- Where is that dynasty?” he further went on to state that he thinks Klopp should take over(Joke of the year).

I understand his frustration and anger, but lets be realistic this is a little dramatic and uncalled for. We have 18 clubs currently under mancity on the table, some clubs have no hope whatsoever(Arsenal and the likes). I get the hunger and passion but the ranting is absolutely unnecessary, i need to know what you guys think why not write me up in the comment section.


  1. He’s overspent everybody else in terms of transfers and wages by a country mile, so he should expect extreme reactions to days like this.

  2. simply because they don’t settle for less. we Man Utd fans were once like this during Ferguson’s era. though, we never asked him to b sacked whenever we lost. but as hungry fans, these things do happen. at the particular moment, they would get angry, but with couple of wins, they’ll hail him.

  3. to whom much is given much is expected…hes obviously underperforming currently however the fans reaction is obviously an overreaction

  4. The city fans have overreacted, this is because the season have just get started, they have just played five games. I think, it not proper to judge coach with five matches played. Anyways, I have viewed their reacted gesture of the fans, the fans really want championship league.
    Can they remembered the coach that was sacked by Chelsea before they could win championships league. So in a nutshell city fans need to be more patient with guardiola.

    Going through the comment of Guardiola after losing a match, it’s very funny, how could you hand over premiere league win to Liverpool at this early stage. It really showed that the coach had already knew that Manchester city can not perform this season.

  5. Man city will still retain the English premiership title. It is too early to judge whether man city is depressing as a club but the key thing is that pepe knows how to rejuvenate anything at last minute

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