I personally didn’t want to dive into this one, its sort of sensitive. The level of, i dont want to use the word hypocrisy in African countries is beyond overwhelming, Religion is so annoyingly deep and it is very alarming. A said A.F. funmilayo wrote a book on the devil and football like she seriously wrote a book on how the game of football is a tool of the devil, she said and i quote “Game of football is not an invention from the intelligence of man though loved by billions of people it is masterminded by the anti christ” (That whole sentence makes absolutely no sense) She wants people to read her book so as to discover the secret behind football and be delivered from the veil that is spread over all nations. As if that wasn’t enough she has special prayer points for all football lovers which i would share under this post, i apologize in advance for it not being too clear.

I am in sifia pains right now, lol

I completely agree with a friend, he said and i quote “Its not the football that is a sin, its your prioritization. Nigerians have a habit of remixing religion to manipulate ignorant/illiterate persons, it has dangerous consequences” i absolutely agree, if someone like A.F Funmilayo approach you under a very hot sun telling you all this her BS about football; what would most likely be your response in one sentence. Give me the full gist in the comments section.


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