Ernesto Valverde Tejedor is a spanish former footballer who played as a forward and is now the manager of Barcelona, He led Barcelona FC to the title in each of his two full seasons as manager; also led barca to the Copa del Rey finals against Valencia last season.

Since Anfield defeat on May 7th, 2019 Barcelona has been off, not even the signing of De Jong and Griezmann or the magnificent form of Ansu Fati is saving Valverde’s team from jumping from frying pan to fire. Valverde made amazing signings in the summer, we were all expecting MSG bomb attack. Which brings us to the issue at hand, question is; if any other manager has the top class players valverde has: wouldn’t it be enough to deliver top class results???

Rumor has it that Barcelona’s stars are starting to lose all confidence in Valverde and he is losing the dressing room too, the fans have had enough of his tactics and obvious terrible use of players. Recall that Valverde’s side has lost the last seven away games in all competition, in the recent (2-0) defeat to Granada, Valverde in a press conference accepted responsibility for not just the defeat but also for the worst Barcelona’s season start in 25years (since 1994). Do you think its time to give Valverde Ghana must go to pack his things??? If yes why not let me know who you think should replace him, i see an old french man stepping up LoL. As usual na, lets carry this gist to the comments section.


  1. I believe the recent defeat isn’t the coaches fault but the players he has been trying to figure out a good formation that works when the main players aren’t avaliable. … the players haven’t been communicating well on the pitch. .. The coach should be given a little more Timme to prove that

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